Google Push Update RC30 To Fix Potential Android Jailbreak

Following reports this week of a potential Android ‘Jailbreak’, Google have announced a new update to fix the vulnerability.

Update RC 30 will apparently remedy the exploit that enables users to gain root access on their G1 handsets via Android’s telnetd service.

From Google:

We’ve been notified of this issue (Jailbreaking of Android) and have developed a fix. We’re currently working with our partners to push the fix out and updating the open source code base to reflect these changes.

The new update is expected to be pushed to handsets over the next few days.


  • Allen H “Dejon” Shegrud

    Has anyone heard about an application for listening to music on bluetooth stereo headset

  • Leroy

    I thought this was supposed to be OPEN. What happened? Why the patch ti *fix* jailbreaking?

  • Lewis


    It’s Open enough to run on Openmoko, so it’s good for me :)

  • Dan Farina

    It is an open phone, for the most part. This is not jailbreaking — actually, the ‘jailbreak’ as it were is an extremely embarrassing bug.

    Nominally to get a shell one must simply check the “Developer Mode” in the settings and use some of the android tools to log in remotely. What probably has happened is some debugging code got left in that allowed developers to have a root shell on reboot. To show why this is stupid, try this:


    You don’t even need to be in an application that is accepting the entry of text. The result is your device will probably reboot. If android didn’t mount something read-only (like the SD-card) then typing “rm -rf / ” would attempt to delete all files on the device. And so on. It is obviously an embarrassing bug rather than a political problem.

    If you read some rags that pitch it as Google tightening some screws to lock out developers, you can be assured they did none of their own research and probably don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Dan Farina

    My “tags” got stripped out of the previous entry. The sample to reboot the machine, using new notation, is:

    |return button| reboot |return button|

  • http://n/a beeevs

    i think google should have had more storage on this thing anyway. They have the technology to do it.. WHY are they being so stingy!? shit like this is why the economy sucks anyway; RICH COMPANIES BEIG STINGY and cheap! fuck google and their secret underground labs and quantum computers they dont tell you about.

  • mitchell

    How do you rotate your screen when u tilt thee phone sideways when ur on browser…I seen it on you tube