A Google Home sequel is on the way with stereo speakers, code-named “Max”

With an internal name of Google Home “Max”, an upgraded, more premium Google Home is currently in development. Although new features and a final design are still unknown, stereo speakers will be a major addition. Sources also claim that the design and materials will be premium.

Google Home “Max” allegedly made an appearance at a previous Google held focus group that included recently leaked products, such as the Google Home Mini, Pixelbook and “smart” headphones. It’s still unclear if the product is ready for an announcement at Google’s October 4 Pixel event.

Apple’s new HomePod has put more pressure on Google to up its game with a more premium smart speaker, which could now also go head to head with products from Sonos for music playback quality. Even if the “Max” isn’t quite ready, it could still make sense to announce it at the October event as Apple’s HomePod won’t ship until December.

Source: 9to5Google