Expect to see deeper Android Things and Chromecast integration with Android P

Sure, Android Oreo just officially released and we’ve barely seen it on any devices, but what about Android P? Always look forward, never backward.

There’s a pretty small leak in Google’s Chromium source code that hints at what’s to come in a newer Android update, and while it isn’t significant yet, it’s fun to get a glimpse of where things are going.

As far as the details go, there was a new software commit for Chromium that introduces a volume control API, which will be for Android Things. It’s nothing major, but it will help to sync volume levels between Android Things and Chromecast devices around your house, which looks like a first step towards integrating and maturing both platforms for the future. That probably means Android P will be focused heavily on IoT features.

Hey, we might even see Google pull an Android TV and just extend regular Android software to cover connected devices instead of having its own codebase. That’s been the rumor for everything Google does, especially if you cover Chromebook news. Either way, expect 2018 to be filled with IoT news.

source: XDA Developers

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