YouTube rolls out its new look with a brand new icon

YouTube has been a rapidly growing platform for years, and mature platforms need a mature look. That’s why Google is taking the wraps off a redesigned YouTube icon and logo, plus some big interface changes in the app and on the website.

Most of us probably spend more time watching YouTube on a mobile app instead of the browser on a desktop, and Google knows that. The app is getting the most of the redesign efforts, including a tweaked interface design and some useful new features.

You’ll soon notice that your YouTube app will have the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, instead of the top, and you’ll find a Library and Account tab to make it easier to get to where you want to go.

But the interface change isn’t all. Google is adding a few new features, including gesture support, the option to speed up and slow down video playback, adaptable video playback based on resolution, and a way to view recommended videos while you’re watching something else in fullscreen. These features bring the app more in line with the desktop version of YouTube.

Oh, speaking of the desktop version, that’s getting a Material Design upgrade, too. It also includes the dark mode that we’ve been hearing about for a while, so you can give your YouTube binge sessions that cinematic feel you’ve always wanted. It’ll help your eyes late at night, too.

You’ll start to see the logo in official channels going forward, and the desktop changes are rolling out today. The app updates are planned and should be happening soon, although you’re probably already familiar with Google’s app update rollout strategy.

Google wants to make YouTube (and by extension, YouTube Red) a viable source of income for years to come, and keeping the service up to snuff in the interface and features department is part of that move. And so far, all of the changes look pretty good.

source: Google

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  • Richard Dennis

    They destroyed the app for the nexus player/Android TV