That status bar on the Essential Phone is thick

Usually it’s a phone’s body we measure for thickness to judge. The Essential Phone, however, is making us question status bar thickness moving forward.

No, the Essential Phone hasn’t been canceled. It’ll be released when the company finishes field testing on global networks. See, there’s been a bit of confusion surrounding Essential’s first consumer-ready device. The Essential Phone debuted on May 30, and Andy Rubin said it’d ship within 30 days of that launch. Here we are heading through the summer and still no one can buy the Essential Phone.

The last time we heard from Essential was on July 21 when Rubin penned a letter to consumers saying a release would happen “in a few weeks.” The waiting game has been going on for 62 days and counting.

Today we don’t have any information on availability to share. Instead we can just show you the status bar on the Essential Phone. Normally Talk Android wouldn’t highlight a phone’s status bar, but the Essential Phone’s is thick (or thicc to you cool kids).

Jason Mackenzie, who left HTC for Essential earlier this year and now heads sales, took a screenshot over the weekend from his phone. And, of course, his daily driver is the Essential Phone. We get a look at the status bar as well as the on-screen navigation buttons. The latter is pretty standard, matching what we’ve seen from other devices. It’s the status bar that stands out.

The Essential Phone achieves a bezel-free look, and it does so different than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Essential is wrapping the display around the front-facing camera. It allows the display to go right up to the edges on left, right, and top. But, because of the front-facing camera dipping into the display, the status bar had to be modified. The status bar itself is thick, and you totally notice it because the font is small. The turnoff is the amount of unused space.

Essentially hasn’t given a window for the Essential Phone’s release date, but we expect shipping to begin in mid-August or early September.

Source: Jason Mackenzie (Twitter)

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  • kcseek

    The light grey area with “Reserve” and the 2 inverted circle’s (which is Essential’s Logo) are NOT the “Notification/Status Bar” area. Only the pure black area in the picture, or (User choice) totally clear area with just icons is the “Real” Notification/Status Bar area on the Essential Phone.
    Rule #1 – Always do your own Research before posting “News”, otherwise people inevitably will make you look like an ass!

    • Justin_Herrick

      Where did we say the light grey area from Essential’s site was part of the status bar? If we run an Android site, I would hope we can correctly identify the status bar. And that we did here.