New image of Pixel XL 2 shows up along with info on features

Earlier today several images showed up that supposedly reveal the design of the forthcoming LG V30 smartphone. Turns out that was not the only LG manufactured device to be the subject of the rumor mill. A new image also surfaced that claims to be the next Google Pixel XL device. Along with the image and what can be gleaned from it regarding the new Pixel XL, sources also indicate the device will get a “squeezable” frame similar to what the HTC U11 offers.

As far as the design, the back of the device appears consist with other renders we have seen that show the glass portion of the back much smaller relative to the overall device. One of the byproducts of that area shrinking is that the fingerprint sensor moves into the metal portion of the case. Sources also note that it is unclear as to whether the camera lens will once again be flush with the body of the phone and just based on this image, that could go either way. Also of note is that antenna bands appear to be missing, so we will have to wait to see if that is just something missing in these early renders or if Google and LG figured out a way to make them essentially invisible from a design standpoint.

On the front side of the device, the new second-generation Pixel XL is slated to get an LG produced AMOLED screen that is approximately 6-inches in size and will have a 2:1 aspect ratio. Maybe more importantly from a sales standpoint, it appears LG will be using the same super-slim bezel design and rounded corners found on the LG G6. This will be good for Google in their efforts to keep pace with the flagship market.

One area that may differ from the front screen trends we are seeing is that it looks like LG was willing to put a speaker grille along the top of the front of the phone next to the front-facing camera. We will have to see if this is matched up with a similar bottom of the screen speaker to create a strong stereo effect and a potential unique selling point for the device.

Along with the information above that sources have tried to figure out from the image, it is also believed that the new Pixel XL device, whatever it is ultimately named, will have a “squeezable” frame. This will primarily be used to access and use the Google Assistant, although other uses may be possible as well.

Unfortunately, sources did not have any information on the next generation Pixel device. We are still waiting to see whether that device will match the larger Pixel XL in terms of hardware with just a smaller screen or if it will actually be a slightly less powerful device.

What do you think of this possible design for the 2017 version of the Pixel XL?

source: Android Police

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  • Ware52

    I hated the design of the first Pixel, but this one is looking good. I might upgrade my 6P.