New details emerge for the LG G6 Mini to be known as the LG Q6

Back in April word got out that LG was working on a device believed to be a smaller variant of the LG G6 which quickly resulted in it being dubbed the LG G6 Mini. At the time few details were available, so it was difficult to determine whether LG was following a trend of releasing an underpowered mid-tier phone with the flagship name or if it was just a smaller form factor for the same flagship device as the LG G6. We still do not know all the answers, but new information suggests LG is going to release the device as the LG Q6.

According to Evan Blass in a Twitter post, the new LG device recently showed up in the FCC database with the M700 model number. This suggests the device is close to hitting the market. Blass says the device gets an 18.5:9 ratio screen and 3GB of RAM. With that much RAM and the change to the name, the odds seem pretty good that LG has decided to target this device at a tier below flagship level. Another clue may be the 13MP camera that Blass says will come in the Q6.

Since LG apparently decided to distinguish this new device in a new Q series, this means the G series will only include the G6 and the recently announced LG G6+, at least for now. More details should start to surface regarding how LG plans to market this new device and possibly a new Q series of smartphones to join their G and V series of devices.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)


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