Time to greet the OnePlus 5 before it’s official

OnePlus didn’t want it to happen, but it happened.

Today started with official information regarding the OnePlus 5 launching this summer. Rather than doing a surprise introduction on a random day no one knows about, OnePlus revealed its 2017 flagship would get detailed on June 20 at 12:00PM ET. Everyone marked their calendars and prepared for a wait. The next bit of information, which is unofficial but confirmed by multiple sources, came in only a few hours after confirming the online launch event.

A clear image showing most of the OnePlus 5’s front and back was leaked by¬†Android Police.

No, that’s not an iPhone 7 Plus you’re looking at. It’s a confirmed image of the OnePlus 5 being announced near the end of the month. Compare the two phones’ backs and you’ll see they’re identical aside from the company logos. Both feature a two-camera setup placed horizontally with laser autofocus and LED flash next to the module. Just swap the OnePlus logo for the Apple logo (or the reverse) and the OnePlus 5 could trick people with ease.

Putting the iPhone comparison aside, the OnePlus 5 still isn’t unique. It turns out this phone is, from the outside, nothing more than an Oppo R11 with swapped branding. BBK Electronics is a Chinese company that oversees brands including OnePlus and Oppo; therefore, the assumption is that cost-cutting is in effect. It’s cheaper for brands belonging to the same company to recycle a design instead of creating something entirely new.

Though it won’t have a design of its own, the 2017 flagship from OnePlus looks attractive and should stand tall with high-end specifications. Prospective buyers are a little weary, though, that the OnePlus 5 will do too much and exit the attractive price point previous devices have come in at.

Source: Android Police

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