Sprint’s Magic Box is a quick and small solution to building out their network

Sprint talks up their reliability next to Verizon, but when it comes to coverage and speed, it’s really tough to spin Sprint’s network as anything but mediocre. They’ve struggled to build up their network to stay competitive with the big guys, and T-Mobile has overtaken them from behind. Despite all of that, however, Sprint might have just found a magic bullet for its wireless woes.

This new device is called the Magic Box, and it works pretty similarly to how a range extender would work on your home WiFi network. Eligible businesses and consumers can get a Magic Box, hook it up in their home or building, then take advantage of an expanded Sprint network in the surrounding area. It’s basically like a mini cell tower that Sprint can have installed all over the place.

Sprint claims that the box will dramatically improve data coverage and can increase download and upload speeds up to 200%, which might just be enough to turn someone’s experience from “frustrating” to “decent.” It won’t magically give someone lighting fast LTE speeds if they’re buffering while watching YouTube, but it’s an improvement. Best of all, it’s a cheap and convenient way for Sprint to spread out their wireless network and improve coverage in densely populated areas.

These boxes are only available in a few areas right now, but in those areas customers have seen their data coverage and speeds jump just from being around these small cells all the time. It’s actually a really smart move on Sprint’s part, and I can’t wait to see how John Legere bashes it on Twitter.

source: Sprint

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