Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and headphones have leaked

We haven’t seen any genuine new hardware from Fitbit since their Pebble acquisition, and after all of the financially troubling rumors about the company, there were some questions about when to actually expect anything.

Well, there’s still no solid info about Fitbit’s next set of fitness tracking wearables, but some new photos will at least give us a glimpse at what they’re working on.

Above you can see the new smartwatch that’s being called Project Higgs. It doesn’t really look much like a Pebble, which might be a little disappointing to anyone expecting something similar to the Pebble Time 2. However, this device will reportedly more of a smartwatch than something like the Blaze, which was really just a fancy fitness tracker. We might end up seeing some Pebble influence on the software side, just not in the hardware.

The watch will have built-in GPS, although the Fitbit team did run into problems with the GPS hardware, and even more issues when it comes to waterproofing everything. It’s gonna be tough to compete with other smartwatch manufacturers if Fitbit blows the GPS and waterproofing.

Personally? I’m not nuts about the blocky design. Internally, some employees even say the smartwatch looks too retro, even compared to other squared off watches like the Apple Watch and Pebble’s older offerings.

Alongside the smartwatch, Fitbit is also working on Parkslide, which will be a pair of wireless headphones. There isn’t much other info to go on, but you can expect Bluetooth compatibility with your phone and Fitbit watch, and the headphones will sit around your neck.

The watch is expected to launch at around $300 in the fall, alongside the $150 headphones. Fitbit will also be partnering with Pandora for music playback, which unfortunately was not their first choice. Spotify turned them down.

Anybody else think 2017 might be the beginning of the end for Fitbit?

source: Yahoo Finance

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  • NoNotTellingYou

    As a woman who specifically bought a pebble time round because of its beautiful rather than the geeky mannish look of most watches (yeah you too Apple watch), I am very disappointed in what this looks like. Yet another boxy ugly watch that women can’t wear with dressy clothes.

  • Draken Blackknight

    I’m glad I got my Kickstarter award Pebble 2 before this failure.

  • Alan Goldman


  • Ozair Akhtar (Oxair Online)

    Fitbit seems to land in the complete package offering mode to its customers. Smartwatch with even smarter headphones – a perfect package for workout. I am sure that this will gonna be very popular.