‘Minecraft’ gets a Marketplace for community add-ons

Minecraft announced today a new Marketplace feature, a place where Pocket and Windows 10 players will be able to download and play community add-ons within the game.

Basically, within this Marketplace, you’ll be able to download all sorts of add-ons from creators — texture packs, skins, new worlds and more. It brings some excellent community material to the game.

You don’t have to pay for this content straight up. Instead, you’ll be purchasing “Minecraft Coins,” which are then used to buy that content.

It’s worth noting that the Marketplace content isn’t going to have everything in it. In fact, only creators with registered businesses will be able to bring content to Marketplace. It’s a great way for serious creators to make money off of their work. Those that can post their product will get a 70% cut of the revenue while the app store itself takes the other 30%. Sure, it might not be nearly as much as sell directly, but these creators do stand to make more in that they now have a more visible platform to sell content on.

Marketplace isn’t quite available yet. A public beta will be launching in mid-April on Android. There actually won’t be any content to try out, though. This particular beta is for testing the new Minecraft Coins; however, creator content will be added when Marketplace officially launches in the Spring.

Creators that want to get into Marketplace can start applying now.

source: Minecraft

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