Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to be recycled, return to market with refurbished units

It’s not dead. The Galaxy Note 7, which experienced a massive scandal in 2016, is returning to the market after batteries in a number of units exploded. Samsung appeared to have moved on from the fiasco, but now the company is resuming sales with refurbished units.

The entire mobile industry is currently in shock over Samsung’s decision to bring back the phone that brought on scandal for months last year.

Aside from the actual problem happening, people were angry with the company for its slow movement in making decisions. Eventually Samsung opted discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 and implement a kill switch for owners who refused to return their phones. Once that happened, it looks like Samsung was on its way to rebuilding its brand and preparing for the release of its 2017 flagship — the Galaxy S8.

While you may have not asked for its return, Samsung doesn’t want all of those units to be wasted. So it’s going to analyze and test each and every Galaxy Note 7 that consumers sent in before reselling them.

These are the steps Samsung has in place:

  • First, devices shall be considered used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable.
  • Second, salvageable components shall be detached for reuse.
  • Third, processes such as metals extraction shall be performed using environmentally friendly methods.

Samsung will be working closely with local companies as well as authorities in order to prevent overheating and explosions from happening again.

Right now, we don’t know which countries will allow the Galaxy Note 7 to return. Samsung must get approval from regulators for that, and even then carriers and retailers will have to choose whether or not the phone is welcome back. Samsung’s partners could feel very negative about the Galaxy Note 7 after the scandal and refuse to sell heavily-examined refurbished units. It’s a real possibility that no markets accept Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 following what happened in 2016.

Update (3/27/17 @ 5:30PM ET): Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 7 will not return to the United States with refurbished units.

Source: Samsung

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  • Jim Duarte

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat if the US and AT&T would let them back in! Both my “Original” and my “Replacement” Unit performed absolutely flawlessly until I (conscientiously) turned both of them in! The Note 7, to this day, was the BEST phone I have ever owned! It’s doubtful we’ll see them back here but that’s my feeling on the subject!

  • ZBlade

    If the price is right, I would definitely buy one regardless of what has happen in the past.