Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook sat down for dinner last week, and we’re all dying to know what they talked about

We all know that Google and Apple are rivals. Both are involved in the same industries and release competing products, but their leaders don’t let fierce competition ruin a healthy personal friendship. Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for dinner last week in California to chat about things we only wish we knew.

You know it’s a good restaurant when Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are in the same place ! #apple #google #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #siliconvalley #paloalto

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Multiple people captured sneaky images of the two leaders chatting away over drinks at Tamarine Restaurant in Palo Alto.

Forget about being a fly on the wall at the restaurant. I would’ve loved to have been the waiter serving them. Imagine the things they talked about! It could range from iMessage for Android becoming a reality to addressing national and global issues to just catching up on family life. Seriously, no one is aware of what Pichai and Cook talked about. But we’re all extremely curious to know.

If you or someone know works at Tamarine Restaurant, we beg you to get in touch and spill details on this private conversation between Google and Apple’s head honchos.


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    They are talking about who is going to sue who this year and who is paying for the food and drinks.