Microphone issues plague some Google Pixel owners

After a string of issues with some Google Pixel phones, such as Bluetooth shutting off randomly and another bug which interfered with the phone app sending audio over Bluetooth, it appears that yet another problem has appeared. This time, some Pixel owners are hitting the support forums saying that their microphones stop working, and unfortunately it looks to be a hardware issue.

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The specific issues that some owners are seeing is that out of no where the microphone will either stop recording audio in general, or will selectively work or not work depending on the app being used, such as the camera. One user in particular had a microphone not work at all except when recording video, where it worked perfectly.

Unfortunately, this time around a software fix won’t solve the problem and Googler Brian Rakowski is telling affected customers that this is a hardware issue that will require a device replacement. Rakowski indicates that there are several possible causes for this, but the most common one is the presence of a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” Things like changes in temperature or the way the device is held could temporarily fix this issue, but it will never truly go away. So far, according to Google, this microphone issue has shown up in less than 1% of phones and could be triggered by dropping it even with no visible damage.

The process for getting your replacement Pixel sounds simple enough and requires you to contact Google support and explain that this is happening to your phone. A hold on your credit card will be placed and the replacement unit will be shipped out immediately. When you receive your new phone, the hold will be removed. However, if you didn’t purchase your Pixel directly from Google, you need to go to that retailer and make the return there.

Keep in mind that this microphone problem is also showing up in replacement devices and while Google is stating that they are taking the necessary steps to discover and fix this issue before shipping out any new phones, you may still want to keep a close watch on the new phone you’re sent.

Have you been affected by this new issue? If so, what has your experience been so far with working with Google on a replacement?

Source: Google Support
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    Yep I’ve been affected going through it right now I think this is worse than the Samsung Note 7 debacle atleast Samsung had enough compassion for their customers & recalled the whole phone model & gave the customers full refunds & the consumer was able to go get a whole different proper working device . All Google is doing is recycling bad phone for bad phones some people are on there 4th & 5th warranty return of a defective Pixel device with no solution in site ….This is messed up .