Watch this quick teaser for Verizon’s unlimited plan

Verizon is quickly getting the word out that it’s unlimited plan is back after a long hiatus.

Here’s a teaser released alongside the announcement:

It’s back. @verizon #vzunlimited

A video posted by Talk Android (@talkandroid) on

It’s a return of epic proportions

We’re not sure if Verizon is airing this promotional video on television as it’s really just a teaser, but tonight is the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. The broadcast is on CBS, which Verizon works with heavily for major events like live sports. So it’s likely the teaser airs during the Grammys tonight prior to the unlimited plan’s debut on Monday, February 13.

Be sure to get the full breakdown of Verizon’s new unlimited plan by reading our post from earlier.

Source: Verizon (YouTube)

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  • Garry Thompson

    This makes me laugh. Verizon has been jumping up and down screaming they will never have an unlimited data plan. And also claiming other carriers would fail with them. Almost as slimy as their fiber-optic games.

  • russell conrad lewis

    They should give those of us who stuck with them through the back and forth krap of unlimited vs. no unlimited vs. not daring to go near 100 GB on an UNLIMITED plan, a reward for sticking with them.

  • Brian the populist.

    It’s Verizon’s network and we pay for the service so they can pretty much do whatever they want yes if you want to do the right thing for the customer you do the write thing for the customer but at the end of the day it is their network and we pay for the services of their network

  • spydie

    “this video is private”. Can’t watch it

    • Justin_Herrick

      Looks like Verizon pulled the video. We’ve swapped the YouTube video with one from our Instagram. Same thing.