Did Samsung give us a first look at the Galaxy S8?


Usually it’s an insider that shares information about devices early, but Samsung might’ve done that already for its upcoming flagship.

Two official video advertisements released this week show what could be the Galaxy S8 that’s expected to launch within the next few months.

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While trying to promote its advanced Super AMOLED technology used in displays, Samsung used a reference device that aligns with rumors surrounding the soon-to-be announced flagship. Everyone on social media is going nuts as you wouldn’t expect Samsung to expose the Galaxy S8 itself. Plus, if it is true, the design of the Galaxy S8 will be radically different what we’re familiar with.

These are the two videos:

A couple of things are causing everyone to believe this is the Galaxy S8. First, the screen-to-body ratio is extremely high. Both left and right sides have virtually no border. The top and bottom, meanwhile, have thin bars for Samsung to put its logo and small components. Next, a physical home button is missing. Samsung could be showing integration of the home button in the display’s glass, a feat accomplished by utilizing Synaptics’ latest innovation.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 in April, a delay motivated by the Galaxy Note 7 scandal. Executives want to give the brand room to breathe before returning with another major device.

Because the Galaxy Note 7 didn’t stay on the market, millions of people worldwide are going to consider the Galaxy S8 for their daily driver in 2017. So, as you can image, Samsung is working to live up to great expectations.

Source: Samsung Display (YouTube)

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  • solis

    The screen to body ratio is extremely large, not small.

    A ratio is dividing something (in this case, screen area) on something else (body area). The highest possible value is 1 (no bezels), the lowest is 0 (no screen).

    The phones shown in the videos have a very high screen to body ratio.

    • Justin_Herrick

      Whoops! Thanks for catching the error.

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    low quality phone here we come.