CyanogenMod and all CM services are shutting down


CyanogenMod was easily the biggest names in the Android ROM scene since its inception. It was the most widely supported, feature-rich ROM spanning back to some of the first Android phones on the market, and even got big enough that they had some indirect head butting going on with Google.

Unfortunately for anyone still into rooting and ROM’ing their devices, CyanogenMod and all related services are shutting down at the end of the year. The news came from a surprise blog post on the CM site and didn’t divulge any details, but it more than likely has to do with Cyanogen’s corporate restructuring. After the services shut down, the source code will still be available for anyone that wants to built it on their own, but that’s going to become quickly outdated as Android receives newer updates and older features break.

CyanogenMod turning into an actual company trying to make money has been a long and bumpy road, and being unable to support the very thing that got the company off the ground is a pretty big indicator that they’re circling the drain. At this point their best bet is to probably hope for an acquisition, otherwise we’re going to see the entire company dissolve completely.

source: Cyanogen

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  • Draken Blackknight

    Let’s wait for Legacy OS to come up with its first builds before we panic.