Meizu has a beautiful new flagship: the Pro 6 Plus


Meizu announced a new spinoff of its flagship from earlier this year, the Pro 6 Plus. Based off of the Pro 6, it comes with a bevy of new goodies to make it eye-catching.

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One of the new changes is a bigger and beautiful display. Coming in at 5.7-inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 on an OLED panel, media consumption will be phenomenal. To go with it, you’ve got a 3,400mAh battery and USB Type-C charging, so you should be able to get a couple hours of media out of this phone. And, with the USB C charging, you’ll be able to charge up quickly on the go.

As far as the processing package goes, you get a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor — the same CPU found in the Galaxy S7 — backed up by 4GB of RAM.

For photos, there’s a 12-megapixel rear camera with f/2.0 aperture. Front-side, you’ve got a 5-megapixel unit for taking selfies.

The neat thing about the Pro 6 Plus is that it’s the first Meizu device to run Flyme 6. It’s the latest and greatest version of Meizu’s own Android UX. It brings with it a ton of goodies (up to 400 new features according to Meizu) and brings a much more refreshed and colorful UI to the game. It’s also powered by an AI Engine that Meizu is calling One Mind, which we’re assuming is akin to, say, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.


Meizu will — as expected — launch the Pro 6 Plus in China soon. There doesn’t seem to be plans to bring it anywhere else yet, but in the event that you want to import it to Europe or the US, LTE connectivity is supposed to work worldwide. So, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one of Meizu’s flagship phones, it’s looking like this one will work stateside.

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  • Michael Dennique

    Small battery, would have expected 4000mAh