CPSC finally issues a second Galaxy Note 7 recall, cites over 20 new incidents


After replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices began exploding, Samsung ordered that carriers and retailers worldwide stop selling and exchanging out original Galaxy Note 7 units for a replacement. Now, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially announced a second recall that encompasses original and replacement units.

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At first, it was thought that replacement devices were exploding simply because of the pitfall of mass production. Samsung had to churn out 2.5 million replacements in a short window of time, so it’s expected that there would be a couple of bad handsets out there. But, as reports became more frequent, it was obvious that was not the case.

There are some of the known explosions that started it all:

But, according to the CPSC, things seem to be a little worse than the above stories. Since launching its investigation, the CPSC cites receiving an additional 23 confirmed reports of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

galaxy note 7 exploded

Here’s the full statement:

“Samsung has received 96 reports of batteries in Note7 phones overheating in the U.S., including 23 new reports since the September 15 recall announcement. Samsung has received 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage associated with Note7 phones.”

The CPSC estimates that 1.9 million devices are apart of the recall, including the 1 million that were originally recalled on September 15.

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This recall encompasses all Galaxy Note 7 handsets purchased on, before and after September 15.

Keep in mind that the estimated 1.9 million devices are exclusively in the US. If you’re looking for information on the recall in your country, seek out your country’s regulatory product body for recall information specific to your country.

source: CPSC

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