Spotify’s mobile lyrics feature debuts in Japan, worldwide launch later


Spotify has finally made its way to Japan, the company announced in a press release this morning. While Japan is a big market for music, music streaming hasn’t exactly taken off. Despite this, Spotify will be competing with giants already established in the country, such as Apple Music and Google’s own Play Music as well as some local offerings.

But, Spotify’s Japanese launch isn’t the only exciting thing. Worldwide mobile lyric support seems to be on its way, with its first debut happening alongside this launch in Japan.

Spotify originally supported lyrics on the desktop last year, but that was abruptly disabled because the music streaming service’s partnership with Musixmatch came to an end. We haven’t heard anything about lyric support since.

But now, lyric support will launch in Japan on mobile and desktop. Considering Spotify calls this its “global debut” for lyric support, we’re assuming a worldwide rollout is coming very soon.

Spotify in Japan is currently invite-only, but will open up to everyone in the coming days.

With the music streaming service’s launch in Japan, this makes Spotify available in 60 markets worldwide, serving music to over 100 million users.

Keep your eyes peeled for mobile and desktop lyric support in any coming updates!

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source: Spotify

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