Google Allo, the smart messaging platform, is rolling out worldwide


Google is rolling out its new messaging platform to Android and iOS devices worldwide after months of waiting by the public.

Allo, which was announced earlier this year at Google I/O 2016, is finally live. The company is positioning the platform as a “smart messaging app” that uses internal and external information to create meaningful conversations between people.

Speed, expression, intelligence, and privacy are the areas that Allo focues heavily on.

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Smart Reply


Through Smart Reply, Allo analyzes your conversation and creates response suggestions for incoming messages. Even photographs are eligible for Smart Reply.

These response suggestions can be text-base, emoji-based, or a mix of text and emojis. Over time, the app will gain an understanding for your style and tailor suggestions that are closer to what you’d say if you were to actually type yourself.



It’s no surprise Google’s latest messaging app is home to a “rich canvas for you to express yourself” with text, emojis, photographs, videos, and stickers.

Visual forms of communication have become insanely popular on other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Google Assistant


Where Allo rises above the competition is intelligence. Because Google Assistant is active, your conversations can gain valuable information. It’s essentially Google Search living in your conversation, providing results every time you need help.

Incognito Mode


Like Chrome, Incognito Mode on Allo puts you under the radar and off the grid. Anything exchanged here will be “top secret with encryption” and vanish after a preset expiration.


Although it was originally believed that SMS support would not be included, Google’s blog post for the app’s release says Allo users will be able send messages to those without it. The catch is that the people not using Allo will get preview messages encouraging them to install the app right away.

Everyone in the world will see Allo reach their Android and iOS devices over the course of the next few days. If you look hard enough, you might just find an APK file to manually install the app and enjoy Allo before your friends.

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Source: Google

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