Cyanogen will be restructuring, ditching many employees and shifting focus to apps


Cyanogen bit off more than it could chew when it spun off into its own company with the intent of stealing Android away from Google. Needless to say, that hasn’t really happened, although Cyanogen has managed to implement some pretty cool features in its ROM alongside hefty financial backing from Microsoft.

The company has been relatively quiet recently, although Cyanogen OS is still shipping on select phones around the world. Despite that, it looks like their for-profit OS days are coming to an end, complete with layoffs and a shift in focus, just like a real company. They grow up so fast.

This layoff so far has affected around 20% of the nearly 140 employees currently at Cyanogen, especially gutting foreign offices and the open-source development team. It’s never good for any company to lay off employees, but this seems like it’s going to be particularly painful for the startup.

After the layoffs are done, though, the next big question is where Cyanogen goes from here. Trying to turn a custom ROM into a full-fledged business obviously hasn’t worked out, so the next step looks like it might be trying to make their core apps a business. Cyanogen has developed several replacement stock apps for their ROM that helped to remain independent from Google’s Play Services, so it’s something that they’ve been working on for some time now.

With that being said, nearly all startups that focus on apps end up being purchased by some other company, only to have the core technology behind those apps assimilated into the bigger company’s portfolio. Microsoft is an expert at that and already has some stake in Cyanogen, so don’t be surprised if that’s how our favorite ROM from the early days of Android finally comes to an end.

source: Android Police

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