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Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player Brought To You By XDA

Remember that post where we told you that we could expect Google would be bringing us some features of honeycomb to our smartphones?  Yeah, well this has nothing to do with that, sort of.  What I mean is, those features for the time being aren’t being brought to us by Google, but by none other than the folks over at XDA.  Check out this Honeycomb music player brought to you by XDA member JaJsemMatty.  At first glance, it looks a little plain Jane for me, but the functionality seems a bit promising.  It appears as though there are some options for streaming audio with a hint of a possibility of caching music for later playback.  In addition, there is a search function for any song utilizing the long press method.  Check out the full thread here for more details and to check out some awesome screen shots courtesy of our friends over at Android Community.

[via xda]

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    Actually once again you need to check your sources, this came from first, xda stole and falsefully claimed credit like they always do