Xiaomi head says international business is doing ‘amazing’


Despite comments that the company isn’t doing well outside of China, Xiaomi’s global boss Hugo Barra has said that things are off to a fantastic start.

Barra will be hoping that his comments on Xiaomi’s dealings go some way to silencing critics in doubt of the technology group’s potential outside of Asia.

Speaking to Re/code shortly after the launch of the Mi 5 smartphone at MWC, Barra said: “I think our international business is off to a pretty amazing start.”

On Xiaomi’s future, Barra went on to say that the focus is on markets the company is already in, which includes India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Discussing Xiaomi’s movements within China, IDC analyst Bryan Ma has said that around 91% of the company’s sales come from inside its Asian base. India appears to be a new point of interest for Xiaomi though, considering that the group is now the third-largest smartphone seller in the country.

Ma added that Xiaomi will likely be forced to sell through partners as people ‘aren’t buying phones online’.

There’s still no news with regards to Xiaomi settling in the U.S, although Barra has said: “We want the brand to become well known, so that over time we are well positioned, and when we come we are welcomed.”

Xiaomi_Mi-5 (1)

Xiaomi attended MWC 2016 this month to unveil the Mi 5 smartphone, which arrives in three variants. All of the new gadgets are powered by the Snapdragon 820 chip, but each offering different specs when it comes to RAM and internal storage.

All of the new models feature a 5.15-inch Full HD display, microSD support, a 16MP rear camera and 4MP front camera and a fingerprint scanner living inside the home button.

Source: Re/code

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