LG does a comparison of the G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7


Comparisons are extremely common in the mobile industry because consumers want to know whether they should be one device over the others. Usually it’s the media doing the comparison, but today LG stepped up to do one of its own. The company is comparing the G5, which it announced alongside other devices on Sunday, with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Seven areas, because that’s the current installment of the Samsung flagship, are focused on by LG.


Of the seven areas LG compared the G5 to the Galaxy S7 in, Samsung only pulled out one victory. All of the other six areas were won or tied by LG and the G5.

  • Modular Design
    • Winner: LG G5
  • Removable Battery
    • Winner: LG G5
  • 16MP Rear Camera
    • Winner: LG G5
  • Always-on Display
    • Winner: Tie
  • 5.3-inch Display
    • Winner: LG G5
  • Daylight Mode
    • Winner: LG G5
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance
    • Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7
  • MicroSD Slot
    • Winner: Tie

We’ll never really know which is better until reviewing them, but even then it’s tough to declare a winner because different people have different tastes.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are already up for pre-order while the LG G5’s availability is not known outside of a potential pre-order date. Best Buy says pre-orders will be taken on March 18 before possibly shipping on April 1. Samsung, meanwhile, will ship its flagship to customers by March 11.

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About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Andrew Hope

    I’ve a lot of love for LG( at least from a hardware point of view & not as regards to software)they really do push things & innovate. However, there’s a really fine between being bold & utter stupidity.
    I think they’ve spread themselves to thinly, and changed things up too much, when many things just needed a little refinement. The camera was industry leading on the G4 & V10, it didn’t need changing at all & this gimmicky dual camera wasn’t needed. Already getting reports of the software being really glitchy. However, it’s the practical stuff that really bother me. Decreasing both the screen size & also the battery capacity, is pretty much unforgivable. Nobody that owns an LG flagship will want to go back to a smaller screen. Yes, incorporating a removable battery in an aluminium bodied phone was an admirable thing to attempt, but I don’t like what they ended up with. All the other modular crap that just adds bulk & will end up on a shelf gathering dust, just a waste of time and money.
    So no thanks LG, I don’t wanna pay £600 to be your bets tester. Just pre-ordered my first Samsung device in nearly 5yrs, an S7 Edge, because I thought the S6 variants were all just style and no substance, but the superior camera, much bigger 3600mah battery & IP68 water/dust resistance really are very practical and welcome additions and add some meat to the bones, so to speak.

  • Nila

    I’m an LG fanboy due to them being the last ones giving removable batteries but I have to say, the chart above is ridiculous. Screen size? ? Really? ? Samsung can do the exact same and say screen 5.4″ tick, LG, cross. That is a really feeble attempt at marketing. They should have stuck to the reason they are suddenly so talked about, the battery and sd card.
    Samsung took that away from us, LG gave it. Simple. Make the battery last and keep it flexible. Sold

  • Nallaikumaran

    G5 design is ugly, Removable battery ok, But G5 modules and accessories – not free (LG CAM Plus or LG Hi-Fi Plus slot..) But Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge more features. Also Samsung VR free. S7 is a perfect smartphone.

    S7 and S7 Edge- Best processor (“Thermal spreader” Water cooling technology to avoid the phones overheating), Best display, Best camera (Dual Pixels camera – A first in the smartphone world), Fast wireless charging, Water-resistant (IP68 rating), Hybrid dual-SIM slot. Samsung Pay (NFC + MST), Edge UX, Heart-rate sensor and more. S7 and S7 Edge has the best in every single corner. And G5 still falls short against the S7 and S7 Edge on everything.

    • Andrew Hope

      Listen, I’ve pre-ordered an S7 Edge but, seriously Mate, you actually listed the heart rate monitor & the Edge UX? I have a smart watch & a fitness band and I’m pretty sure that S-health & the useless Edge features, although slightly less useless than their previous iterations, will be disabled straight away upon me receiving it.

      • Branson Becker

        The gs7 has a 12 mp camera

        • Andrew Hope

          You misread what I wrote. I like to shoot in 16:9 on my phones generally. Anything I shoot on a phone would have to be pretty lucky to be printed and mainly only ends up on a screen. The S6 variants shot at the full 16mp in that ratio, whereas the S7/Edge shot in 9.7mp at 16:9 because the native full ratio is 4:3 at 12mp. Yes, I shoot 4:3 on my pro camera, but I’m far more likely to print…