T-Mobile to start 5G testing this year



T-Mobile is joining rivals AT&T and Verizon as mobile carriers who are testing out 5G cellular technology this year.

However, don’t get too excited yet. The point when people can buy a smartphone and run it on a 5G network won’t arrive until about 2020. T-Mobile network chief Neville Ray called the 5G talk from other carriers “largely a smokescreen to hide the fact that T-Mobile has caught up with them on 4G.”

As we previously reported, the carriers are trying to get ready for 2018 when 5G standards will be established. AT&T says they expect the new 5G network to deliver speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than today’s typical 4G LTE networks with speeds measured in gigabits per second instead of megabits per second.

Source: Recode