Samsung had a llama (and a child) unbox the Galaxy S7


Samsung has started teasing the #TheNextGalaxy — the Galaxy S7 — by releasing a new video daily showing the flagship being unboxed without actually showing any hardware. The first video, which was released yesterday, put a child to the task. The child entered a room with the Galaxy S7 and then drew a picture of what he saw. The picture was… a little messy. So today we thought perhaps an actual artist would enter Samsung’s box-shaped room and draw us a masterpiece to tell the world exactly what the Galaxy S7 would look like. But, no, an artist did not enter the room today. Samsung sent in a llama instead. And the llama even painted a picture, too.

Do I sound insane? Definitely. Am I lying? Not at all.

Seven Days of Unboxing – The Child

Seven Days of Unboxing – the Llama

The next flagship from Samsung will debut on Sunday, February 21 in Barcelona at the company’s MWC 2016 event.

Source: Samsung

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