Sprint is next to end two-year contracts


The downfall of two-year contracts began when T-Mobile did away with them a few years ago. Verizon and AT&T then joined in by nixing those nasty long-term commitments as we entered 2016. And now Sprint will be apparently being following the same path.

Sprint customers purchasing tablets can still sign two-year contracts, though, while phones are no longer being subsidized. The Wall Street Journal actually reported back in August that this decision was coming.

A leaked internal document reveals that the carrier will be pushing leasing and Easy Pay options to sell devices:

Effective today, subsidy agreements can only be offered on a reactive basis to select customers. Customers who are activating a new account will not have the option to purchase phones or MBB via subsidy (2-year) agreement. Tablets are still able to be purchased via subsidy. Upgrades and Add-a-lines can still be purchased via subsidy on a reactive basis only.

Easy Pay and Leasing offer your customer the best value and most flexibility. It is important you are asking qualifying questions and explaining why Lease/Easy Pay is the best option for your customer’s individual needs!

Now that two-year contracts are pretty much gone, customers are being forced to either latch onto monthly payments or just buy devices outright. But anything is better than signing a two-year contract.

Source: Android Central

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