Images of folding Google Glass Enterprise Edition spotted


Pictures of a new, folding Google Glass have surfaced online, revealing a fresh design that makes this edition of the wearable more portable than ever before.

Documents listed on the FCC website show the upcoming wearable in all its glory, and although the gadget looks reasonably similar to previous builds, this version arrives with a hinge so it can be tucked into your pocket. Meanwhile, rumours that the device will be unveiled ‘in a matter of weeks’ seem to be gathering momentum.

Dubbed Enterprise Edition, Google’s shiny gizmo features an Intel Atom processor, improved battery life, better ‘wireless connectivity’ and a larger display prism, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Improved hardware means the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is better equipped to take bumps and hits through regular use. Other changes have been made to position of the power button and a front light now comes on when the camera is in use.

Whilst a gallery of snaps of the new Google Glass is easily accessible online, we’re yet to hear official word from Google about the device.


Writing for The Information last month, reporter Jessica E. Lessin mentioned Google’s Project Aura team is working on ‘a wearable with a screen’ and ‘at least one without’.

She added:

“People tell us there have been three versions of the head-mounted device in development, although the three may be consolidated into two. One version, targeted at enterprises, has a screen. The others, one of which is targeted at “sport” users, doesn’t and relies on audio.”

We’re yet to spot images of the supposed Google-built external battery that connects via magnets, but we’ll keep you updated as the news comes in. Sources speaking to 9to5Google understand that the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be distributed to Glass for Work companies first.

What are your thoughts on this latest version of Google Glass? We’d love to hear your opinions on the new, portable design.

Source: FCC

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