Google announces the best four apps currently made for Project Tango

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Project Tango still isn’t a readily available consumer product, but that hasn’t stopped Google and other developers from continuing to push the platform forward. Google recently ran a contest to pick out the best available apps on Project Tango from each of four categories: best game, best augmented or virtual reality app, best utility, and an overall winner. Today Google has announced which apps have won those awards.

The overall winner was given to WeR Cubed, which utilizes Project Tango’s spatial recognition abilities in a puzzle game. The game is relatively simple where you only have to flip blocks around to make the top colors of each of the blocks match, but a user can walk around the room they’re in with Tango to view different sides of the blocks. Pretty interesting stuff.

Ghostly Mansion scored the best game award, putting the player in a haunted mansion as a ghost searching for clues to their own death. The player has to use Tango to walk around and search the house for those clues in a creepy environment.

InnAR Wars won best augmented reality app, and it also happens to be a game. It turns an room into a simulated outer space environment where two players walk around trying to claim more territory than the other players.

The only non-game winner was for the utility app, which was won by Phi.3D. The app lets you walk around a room so Tango can map out the environment, after which it will create a full 3D model of the room you’re in.

While none of these are market-altering uses of Project Tango’s abilities, it definitely puts the project on the right path towards being an extremely innovative piece of equipment in the future.

source: The Verge

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