Kill zombies with your favourite goat in Goat Simulator GoatZ


If you’ve enjoyed playing the Goat Simulator game, smashing your unsuspecting goat into vehicles and people for no apparent reason, then you are for a treat. Coffee Stain Studios has released a zombified version of the game called Goat Simulator GoatZ in to the Play Store. 


As you can probably guess, Goat Simulator GoatZ entails killing zombies with your chosen goat. You can arm the goat up with various weapons that range from machine guns, bags of flour to bows and arrows and even a gumball machine. Kill the hungry zombies with vehicles and other objects as you guide your goat around town creating mayhem.


  • Mandatory crafting system – craft anything in the world, so long as it’s one of the half-dozen weapons in the game
  • Zombies, zombies everywhere because this is a zombie game, remember?
  • A pretty big map with some stuff on it
  • Fully fledged survival mode where you have to eat every five minutes to survive, just like your grandmother
  • Turn humans into zombies and loot some crates. Just like your grandmother
  • Also a casual mode for people who don’t like feeding their goat every five minutes
  • Tons of new unlockable goats with special powers – shrink people’s heads, hang glide, wreak havoc, spit and be a goat. For real.

Goat Simulator GoatZ is available to purchase from the Play Store link or by scanning the QR code below for $4.99 (£3.99), while the original (non-zombie) game has been discounted down to $1.99 (£1.49). Go on, you know you want to be baaaad!


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Google Play Store Get it Here

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