Verizon 4G LTE So Fast, it’ll Use All Your Data Plan In 30 Minutes

verizon 4g lte

PC Mag did some testing with Verizon’s 4G LTE network speeds and found some incredible (and alarming) info about just how fast you’ll carve through your monthly allotment of data usage. In about 32 minutes on Verizon’s network, you’ll be cruising at about 15Mbps downstream, which could go up to 21Mbps depending on the connection and use. While it’s know that hardly anyone is using Verizon’s 4G LTE currently, within a few months, there will be a bit more congestion on the network, but you’ll still see 8-9Mbps speeds according to Verizon.

Clearwire is the longest standing 4G network in operation, and they say the average data in a month from its 4G users is about 7GB, which is technically slower than a true LTE network. So, as awesome as it will be to use LTE, you’ll either pay alot for its use, or you’ll have to really monitor what you’re doing on the network to not blow your 5GB plan out in less than a days surfing. At Verizon’s pricing, thats $50 for a 5GB plan, and no doubt, huge extra fees for going over that usage.

We can only hope that the carriers launching 4G LTE recognize that the speeds and data plans need to meet in the middle somewhere, because the scales are definately tipped in the dollars direction.

[via PC Mag]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

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  • Eric

    Mobile internet is mobile internet.

    Having faster speeds doesn’t mean you should treat it like your main ISP nor does it mean you should be constantly downloading torrents.

  • curse

    perhaps Verizon just do as in Europe, when hitting the quota, they lower the speed.. like the net I got, after 10GB of 16Mbit, they lower to 200kbit, slow, but can still be used to surf he web.

  • Jason

    Okay someone please explain this to me I as of right now am using the Droid Incredible & it’s 3gs & I have yet to even come close to 2 gigs let alone 5 gigs. I only surf watch youtube videos & an occasional download other than email & apps. How can you eat up that much data. I use my data all the time. Everyday!

  • Benjamin

    I would say I use data pretty heavily. I don’t stream full-length movies or tether or anything like that, but I stream Pandora all day at work, I do a lot of web browsing and occasional downloading stuff, and I barely cross the 3gb mark. I agree that higher speeds doesn’t necessarily mean more data usage. Certainly not past the 5gb limit.

  • Sprint Rocks!

    Thank God Sprint offers unlimited data plans. Doing what I love and living what I do on my HTC Evo!

  • Sky

    Mr “curse”, I don’t like your European idea at all.
    Network companies should have unlimited data plans.

  • curse

    Mr Sky. I wish they had. But at least lowering speed is better then cutting off or start charging per MB.

  • tania1

    PC Mag did some testing with Verizon

  • 2nd That on Sprint

    I second that notion on Sprint…. The only excuse people give me for STAYING with Verizon is because they have family members on a Verizon plan. Really? Will family pay the bill at the end of the month? Not mine. Compare Sprint’s unlimited EVERYTHING to any other nationwide carrier and Sprint still comes in cheaper than most other carriers’ a’la carte options, let alone unlimited options (and with NO DATA CAP). Do the math and it’s a complete no-brainer. I travel around the United States (and world) working as a grip on movies and barely ever have dropped calls, let alone “service pockets” – all at blazing fast speeds on my Samsung Epic 4G. Do your comparative homework, unless you just love throwing your money in a black hole.

  • Ken

    Verizon offers an unlimited data plan. Why wouldn’t they? That’s what I have now. Seems like people here are assuming they don’t for some reason.

  • Mike

    For the new 4G phones, will 4G service be required? or can i use 3G unlimited data plan service on a 4G phone?

  • Brian

    Think about it. The reason 3G sucks on Sprint is because it is unlimited. People use it as their only internet. Very crowded. Same will happen when 4G shows up even more. Everyone will drop their broadband connection, fill up the Sprint 4G bandwidth and it will suck as well. You get what you pay for.

    As far as using more data because 4Glte is faster, is nuts! Just cause I loaded if faster doesn’t mean I will download more! I do what I do, and it won’t change because it is faster. What a ridiculous statement. Only if someone dropped their hardwired broadband and relied on this only.

  • zack

    If people are worried about caps just buy a alltel plan, when it switches to verizon you’ll get grandfathered, just buy a new device, use the same number/password.

  • Jesse

    Obviously, the person ranting about Verizon and endorsing Sprint has rarely used his phone outside of a metropolitan area. There is a larger percentage of the country that can not use Sprint or AT&T as a provider. Loot at their service maps. I would suggest that the “family and friends” plan is the last reason most of us stick with Verizon.

  • Roy

    Who cares if verizon has 4g lte right now. All the carriers will caught up with them. Right now At&t is expanding or creating 4g and will soon caught up with verizon. Its a matter of time when all the carriers will have 4g LTE.

    I have sprint right now. I have speeds of 6-9 mbp and Im happy with it. yeah fast is good, but to pay $40 or for 5gb is crazy. Id rather get internet service at home is unlimited.

  • Frank

    I just Upgraded my Verizon 3G mobile mifi to the samsung 4G LTE literally four days ago. I had a data plan of 3 GB/month for 3G speed and never came close to that limit before. Now I have a 5GB plan and after 4-5 days of the same amount of usage that I typically do every day and I got an alert from Verizon that I’m at 90% of my usage!!! Tomorrow I am going to give Verizon an earful. How dare they come up with such a BS data plan for such a fast device?!? I would I’ve gotten a total of 5-6 hours of usage and already almost at 5GB. And nothing has changed from how I normally used the 3G mifi. I am so upset and disappointed with Verizon. I had left AT&T for them a couple years ago but they are proving themselves to be no different and if anything this puts them over the top. This is absolutely ridiculous. Instead of focusing on regulating banks so much the government should really take a hard look at the worsening unethical practices of the largest phone companies. This is already out of hand and needs to stop now.

  • nathaniel bruursema

    It’s simple if you have a super fast phone and 4g LTE you will prob surf more so get unlimited data if you need it I have thunderbolt and dl speed just clocked at 21mbs that is ridiculous be happy its here

  • taylor

    I currently have a htc droid incredible 2 with the 3G unlimited data plan(not the tier plan verizon switched to) and i use around 3GB-5GB a month. But this month i used 5.102GB in 17 days so thank goodness i don’t have 4G LTE on a 5GB tier plan because i would blow it out the water in around 10 days

  • rich2nyce

    faster speeds dont mean more data usage. faster speeds just means that if you avg 2gb now on 3g you’ll average the same on 4g. but the fact that its faster may make you do more. but if you use it the same the end result stays the same

  • Jimmy

    Unfortunately, I am willing to bet that lots will drop their broadband, and use their phones. It still cannot top a fast broadband connection, especially once people start using it as their broadband. oh well

  • Daemion

    Ok, are people really that silly? The only thing this article pointed out is that it has the ABILITY, the SPEED, to use a 5GB limit in 30 minutes. That is, you hop online, snag a 5GB torrent of random crap, and assuming you maintain the 21mbits of downstream the entire time, you will have used your data cap.

    And as some have pointed out, just because you CAN do something like that, doesn’t mean everyone WILL.

  • Pete

    I am using the 4G modem now on my laptop as compared to the 3G modem I used before. I have the 5 GB data plan with Verizon.  It was almost impossible for me to reach the full 5GB’s during the entire month with 3G.  Now with the 4G I could use my entire 5GB’s in only a few days.  I have not changed my surfing habits at all.  It is scary because I use my laptop for business, and do not always have access to wifi.

  • drtech

    i have a verizon hotspot.  when we were only using our dino computer it is so slow we never went over.  when we added a laptop, two ipods and a tablet we can go over 10gb in one week!!!!   VERIZON SUCKS DONT GET IT

  • Tom