Yahoo working with Google to create encrypted email system


Google will not be alone in its quest to design an encrypted email system. Yahoo has announced it will be joining Google in doing so. The encrypted email system would be ready sometime next year and act as an optional, not mandatory, feature for users. Both companies would be able to bring privacy their more than 500 million combined users, a subject that has long been in question.

While the content of messages would gain protection, other pieces will not be included with the upcoming encrypted email system. Data attached to the sender and receiver as well as the subject line are still exposed. The chief information security officer at Yahoo, Alex Stamos, says “We have to make it to clear to people it is not secret you’re emailing your priest” while the actual content of what is being sent is.

Are you happy two of the world’s email giants are teaming up for this kind of project? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Digits (WSJ)

  • jason h

    Glad to hear there is movement in this direction but still worried about two companies like this having an #NSABACKDOOR