Google brings back device deauthorization limit for Play Music


Two years ago, Google instated a limit on how many devices you could remove from access to your Google Play Music account. The maximum amount of devices allowed on each account was and is ten, but at that time, you could only remove and replace four devices a year. This limitation rightly caused an outrage, and Google removed that restriction.

Unfortunately, as of this week, Google has started reinforcing that limit once more. While this may not seem to be a problem to the average Android user, any time a factory reset is done, or a new ROM is loaded onto a device, the device is duplicated on your Google Play max limit. So, for all of the tinkerers out there (and let’s face it, almost all of the tinkerers in the world use Android), this is very bad news. However, according to a Google rep, your entire collection of authorized devices can be reset if you call in and make a special request. While this will be a huge bother, it’s better than nothing.

Are you a subscriber to Google Play Music All-Access? Does this news negatively affect you? Share a comment below to let us know what you think, and if it bothers you enough, please send a complaint to Google.

Source: Android Police

About the Author: Alex Cobb

Alex is a student at Appalachian State University majoring in Computer Science. When he's not coding or tinkering with his tech devices, he enjoys exercise and playing music. He is currently trying to start many different businesses in hopes of making it big as an entrepreneur, from fixing and selling phones to crafting herbal teas. Alex's first smartphone was a Droid Bionic, and he's been rapidly jumping from device to device through the years. He also has a Nexus 7 (2012) as his small tablet of choice. Alex considers himself an avid Android Evangelist, converting Apple users to the superior operating system whenever he gets the chance.

  • Digitalhigh

    Really? No other comments? Well, I’ll weigh in.

    I am a ROM developer. I port the Google Play Edition ROM from the stock M8 to VZW M8, and released MIUI for the M7 and Evo 3D. In the process of developing, I very often do full wipes of my device and reinstall my setup – it helps keep my device light and fluid, and it helps me as a developer test my ROM for extended periods of time, not just briefly.

    I am also an all access subscriber, and use Play Music daily both while driving and at work, as well as at home when I want some tunes.

    Given this knowledge, I guess I’ll have to be a lot more conscious of when I choose to continue running a fresh flashed ROM, versus restoring from backup and flashing over the top of it. I’ll also be recommending to my users that they do the same.

    I think this is a really bad move on Google’s part, but I’m guessing there’s also a good reason for it. Probably people sharing their account with everybody they know, and then deauthorizing devices so new people can use it. Either way, I think a better system should exist to prevent abuse…you can’t switch four devices in a month period, or maybe a better way of tracking the device signature that’s locked directly to the device, not the system itself…

    • Argent Macleod

      I have about five devices I run Google music on. I also change Roms like underwear. Between my N5, Galaxy note 3 nexus 7, and galaxy nexus I have enough problem with Amazon I don’t need the headache with Google too. I am quite sure I am not alone in this.

    • summer

      Ummm I have zero idea what any of this means but I am an android user. I have recently wiped my phone and reinstalled apps because my batterey was draining super fast(note 3). Would this ever effect me? Also I am always envious of people that can install costume roms. Could an average girl like me do it? If u don’t mind telling me what the benifits of a custom rom are id love to know.

  • sungod64

    Goggle needs a wearable device like the ipod touch for joggers!

  • Tina Curry

    This is horrible, I just upgraded to Windows 10 and it is not letting me have access to my music on my computer now. I lost my phone and then replaced it with a new one this year so I guess those all count – this is horrible!!!
    Also, it shows devices on my account from 1969 how is that even possible…