Amazon Prime Data could be major selling point for new smartphone


The they will, they won’t saga of Amazon releasing a smartphone seems to be heading firmly in the “they will” direction, and we’re finally seeing leaks and rumors about the “killer features” that the company will be boasting to sell its new smartphone. Currently, Amazon is toying with the idea of adding customizations to the device, the device is said to have 3D effects among other hardware and software tweaks. According to “trusted sources” close to BGR though, those would be just a few selling points among an even larger selling point.

According to these sources, Amazon would be offering “Prime Data.” Amazon isn’t saying much about the idea but it might be possibly an exclusive to AT&T with the device would make use of something similar to AT&T’s Sponsored Data program. With the requirements of the program as it is, Amazon couldn’t make use of it in it’s current form. Speculatively, Amazon could offer a certain amount of free or hugely discounted access to the movie, television and music program that Prime users have access to.

The sources at BGR couldn’t say much on what Prime Data is, and if current rumors ring true, we’ll have to wait for the June announcement to check it out for ourselves. Would access to Amazon’s prime services at a discounted price be enough for you purchase Amazon’s smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

source: BGR

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