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Over one-third of Galaxy S 5 upgrades were by iPhone users


A good measure of how impressive a device is is to count how many users switched to it from another brand of smartphone, such as switching from a Motorola device to an HTC device or from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device. If we’re measuring a device’s merit based on how many users it pulled from another camp, early reports say the Galaxy S 5 is a hit.

According to a trade-in website, ComparyMyMobile, about 38% of all Galaxy S 5 upgrades came from iPhone owners. We already knew the S 5 was showing very strong early sales, but being able to pull in so many former iPhone users is an impressive feat. 

The site saw a 210% rise in trade-ins of the iPhone 4S, and a 184% rise in trade-ins of the iPhone 5S, indicating what were the most popular trade-ins for the S 5. Since the 4S has been out for two-years, those were likely customers that were renewing contracts to upgrade. The amount of 5S trade-ins is pretty surprising, though.

These numbers do leave some room for error, since it doesn’t really take into account the customers that purchased a Galaxy S 5 without trading in a device. Regardless, Samsung should be proud of those numbers.

source: Telegraph

via: GSM Arena

  • Lost_Fan

    What about those of us that returned the phone because of buggy software, lag, screen freezing, poor volume on the speaker, etc.?

    • Joe

      Paid by apple!!! You’re making millions to say that!!! Lol.

      • Lost_Fan

        Nope. Returned it for the HTC One M8.

    • QwertyJuan

      LOL, nice one. You almost had me going…. :)

  • Brave Dave

    And the converts should be asked if the rumor the next iPhone will cost $100 more than the iPhone 5s figured into the decision. Betcha!!!

  • Gruffogre

    A brilliant piece of flamebait. Let the games commence!

  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    No wonder there are a lot of rumours about 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhones. Must have been the PR strategy of Apple just to keep its flock together.

  • Sebastian Bartlett

    Some iphone users seeing sense at last