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Report says Amazon will reveal its smartphone in June


Everyone is waiting for Amazon to finally release its smartphone, Project Aria. As recent as last month, there were reports that the device is coming this year. And now a report out of The Wall Street Journal says that Amazon’s smartphone will be revealed in June. And shortly after in September, it will be ready for consumers. It has been reported that Amazon has let developers in San Francisco and its hometown Seattle test prototypes over the course of the last few weeks.

The long-rumored 3D content feature for the Amazon smartphone has also made an appearance in this report. This would allow for users to view 3D content without the need for special glasses, similar to what Nintendo does with its 3DS handheld gaming system. This feature would be a huge difference maker from any competition.

For Amazon to be successful with its smartphone, having one of the world’s most coveted online storefronts doesn’t hurt. After announcing Fire TV last week, Amazon’s set-top box has already become the current best-selling media streamer on the site.

Source: The Wall Street Journal