LG G3 expected to be both waterproof and dustproof


Some of us are required to have our phones on us at all times, so why should we limit the bathtub and the pool as well?

In all seriousness, waterproofing technology has become more popularized on devices in the past year, and LG has recognized this. It is now expected that the LG G3 will feature both waterproofing and dustproof capabilities.

It took a while for other manufacturers to hop aboard, but Sony had been the only company that was both waterproofing and dustproofing its flagship products for some time now. The Galaxy S 5 was also announced to be waterproof and dustproof at Samsung’s special event two weeks ago.

The G3 is also expected to feature fingerprint and eye recognition capabilities, a QHD display and possibly LG’s own SoC, the LG Odin.

Via: G for Games
Source:  ETNews

  • Andrew White

    One thing that has intrigued me with the addition of water resistence/proofing in flagship devices, is how the speaker/microphone grills are protected.
    I’m assuming that beneath each grill lies a one- way osmotic membrane of sorts.
    It would be nice to see a series of articles that more fully provides a layman like myself a little more insight into some of the relevant technologies.
    Fingerprint scanning just adds cost and is a waste of time, whereas ‘eye recognition’ is a biometric that should used everywhere.
    I really hope (and pray….blessed are the not so meek but more technologically equipped, for they shall inherit the earth) LG does deliver on much of known and rumoured new additions to their superphone.

  • http://youtube.com/coolosertech ThaCooLoser

    I don’t care much for front facing speakers. I rather have a better front camera pixel. Keep the bezels diem like the G2 and under 5.1 inch. I have my Nexus Tablet so I don’t need a big phone. But I would love waterproof. I’m a huge summer time video recording person, so I’m around water a lot so that would make sense