Samsung releases infographic to show how Samsung Galaxy S 5 stacks up against predecessors


With today’s official release of the Samsung Galaxy S 5, you may be curious to know how it stacks up against previous versions of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices. To help give fans an easier look at how the line has developed over the years, Samsung put together an infographic showing some key specs. You can check it out after the break. Don’t forget to check back for more coverage of MWC 2014

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source: Samsung

  • Joe Coppola

    Props to Samsung for not knowing the screen size of the s4 lol its 5.0 not 4.8 fail

    • Ahmed A

      Ahah nice catch!
      Samsung, I don’t think anybody said it had lower specs than last year’s phone..

      • ticemoart

        someone is getting fired LOL

  • mankulito

    “we don’t need a nice designed phone, all we care about is specs :D ” – samsung fanboys

    • anonymous

      We love the look and feel of Apple’s phones and that’s why we hide them behind a case.
      -Apple fanboys

      • mankulito

        so what? i am using Nokia :D

        • AVN

          “We don’t need a phone, all we need is a hammer.”- Nokia fanboys