Droid 2 SBF files released for rooted users who recently updated

Earlier this week, we posted an article letting everyone know that a Motorola Droid 2 update was released by Verizon Wireless. However, D2 users who have rooted their phones SHOULD NOT update their devices, as this could break your root and maybe even brick your phone.

The problem with this update was that rooted users would not be able to flash their Droid 2’s back to normal if they were bricked because the SBF files for that update version were not available yet.

Well, that problem has been solved! The folks over at MyDroidWorld have SBF files (version 2.3.20) that will take your device back to stock settings if indeed it becomes bricked.

Check out the available downloads from MDW here.

Thanks to my friend Brendan Hatlee for sending this in!