Google Glass gets five new Mini-Games to help inspire developers


Google has released five mini-games for Google Glass devices to help inspire developer’s to think about gaming with the devices. The titles are all rather simplistic and harken back to the early days of video gaming with basic graphics and game play. They do showcase how Glass can be used to involve a user in the gameplay experience. With time, developers should be able to greatly improve gaming with Google Glass, especially if the major gaming studios tie them in to titles on the major gaming platforms to provide an additional screen of information.

Below is a a video Google’s development team released to show off the apps followed by a description of the five games that are included in the package. Users can activate the mini-games on the devices through the Glassware web portal or using the MyGlass app.


Tennis – use your head as the racket and point it in the direction the ball is moving to return the volley.


Shape Splitter – this is basically a simplified version of Fruit Ninja as users cut shapes that fall into view. You have to avoid things like bombs. Cuts are made by swinging your arms in front of Glass, which uses the camera to detect the movement.


Balance – this game could also be considered a posture training app. The goal is to balance blocks on top of a virtual head. This is accomplished by the user tilting their own head to try to keep the blocks steady and avoid letting them topple off.


Clay Shooter – this title adds some voice commands to the game as the user says “Pull” to launch a clay pigeon and “Bang” to shoot their gun. Aim is accomplished by moving your head around.


Matcher – this game creates a 3D prism “surrounding” the user, supposedly using the Photosphere camera mode. Users then reveal shapes in an attempt to match two shapes.

source: Phandroid

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