Nokia’s first Android phone is codenamed Normandy


There are a lot of people hoping and praying for an Android phone made by Nokia, and those prayers could be answered. Back in November, a Nokia phone leaked (courtesy of @evleaks and pictured above) with the codename Normandy, and it turns out it runs Android. Unfortunately there is some bad news in that Nokia is testing it with a forked version of Android similar to what Amazon does. This means no Google apps. Throw in the fact that it’s expected to be a low-end phone, and all of a sudden there is nothing to get excited about.

The other question is if it will ever be released? Nokia would need to release it before the Microsoft deal takes place because it’s unlikely Microsoft would want to continue with it. Nokia employees are saying “full steam ahead” and that it will be released in 2014. This should be interesting.

source: TheVerge

  • Dimas Lemke

    This is what I have been waiting for, an Android powered Nokia phone! I will definitely get one for me! Nothing beats the legendary build quality of Nokia.

    • e_cell mobile

      Wouldn’t there be any support issues once Microsoft had already taken over the mobile division of Nokia? I mean, Android and Windows Phone are direct competitors.