Kickstarter backed GameStick yet again delayed; Now pitted to be released alongside the Sony PS4


While this is starting to become a little redundant, the Kickstarter backed console GameStick has yet again been delayed due to “production and logistical” issues. What’s even worse is that now the newly targeted released date of November 15th has the $80 console pitted against Sony’s powerhouse in the PlayStation 4 release. While I don’t think having the device released during the same day as the PS4 will affect its sales whatsoever, keeping the customers who pre-ordered the device constantly in flux isn’t a good idea.

Either way, have you pre-ordered the GameStick? If not, any plans of grabbing it once it’s released?

source: Engadget

  • Rod Hardy

    I received my game stick on November the 4th and have been using it daily since then. So, this story is not trueor is way out of date.