Google swiftly photoshops accidental Nexus 8 leak to a Nexus 7

Nexus 7 photoshop

Google recently showed us what appeared to be a Nexus 8 on the official Android website, but they’ve quickly corrected their mistake. Thanks to some quick photo editing, Google has edited that image to show their newly released Nexus 7 instead of the rumored 8-inch tablet.

Truthfully, this doesn’t reveal anything about the device aside from telling us that Google didn’t want anyone to know about it just yet. It’s possible that Google wanted to adjust the mysterious tablet to squash any false rumors before they gained too much steam, but since we’ve already seen a possible 8-inch Nexus by LG get Bluetooth certification, it’s pretty unlikely that the tablet in the original photo was just a mock device. We’ll probably know more soon, but right now it’s clear that Google isn’t going to say anything.

source: Phone Arena

  • Robin

    They obviously meant to release the photo. Do you think they just “happened” to hand the model in the photo a Nexus 8 tablet accidentally because they thought it was a Nexus 7? The leak was on purpose. Everything Google leaks is on purpose. They’re an enormous company and know how to be successful, and this is just one of their useful marketing strategies. They’re able to generate buzz before even making an announcement.

  • Tuco Ramirez

    Google “leaks” their devices on purpose, as these leaks generate such a buzz that it’s pretty much free advertising. No need to spend money marketing a device when you can take a photo and “leak” it and let the rest of the internet create all the hype for you.