T-Mobile giving away free Prepaid SIM card kits with free shipping


If you’ve been considering trying out a T-Mobile prepaid plan, now’s your chance. T-Mobile is giving away SIM card kits to literally anyone, current customer or not, and shipping them for free. There’s a limit of two per customer, but you can’t complain about free. The kits are available in regular, micro, and nano SIM sizes, so you’ll be able to stick one in just about any phone.

T-Mobile offers some awesome prepaid plans, and with the Nexus 5 (which is a perfect candidate for testing out T-Mobile) looming closer and closer, you may want to snag one of these before they’re all gone.

source: T-Mobile

  • JPB

    It looked like a great deal, right up until they asked for a credit card number. WTF is that needed if it’s free????

    • Brandito

      T-Mobile is likely some shady fly by night company, best to steer clear, they’re probably going to rack up millions in debt with your card from Nigeria.

      • likemystory

        T – mobile have been one of the main service providers in the UK for years.

  • pcom

    Had to call T-Mobile to complete my order. They said the SIM cards must be activated within 30 days or they will be unusable. Dunno how that works … I suppose I could walk into a store and have them swap the old/dead card for a new one.