Rovio Updates Angry Birds Friends For Halloween and Kicks Off New Tournament Tomorrow (Video)


Everyone’s favorite furious flying fowls have gotten yet another update by Rovia in Angry Birds Friends. Fast on the heels of an update to Bad Piggies, Rovio is pushing the Halloween theme out just in time for the holidays. In their latest, you’ll now find plenty of zombie pigs, skeletons and other spooky game play.

In addition, the game comes in time for a new Halloween tournament breaking ground which the company is starting tomorrow, Oct 23rd. Aside from the normal game play, the update has more Halloween, in app purchases for new sling shots for added power and  a few other scary surprises for you as well. As mentioned above, the tournament begins tomorrow and here are some of the details involved:

  • The game will last for one week only
  • One level will be intro’d per day for six days for a total of six levels
  • Special add-ons include a “Skip the Wait” feature to unlock the six levels while other add-ons include “The Hunter” which is $5 and gets you “Terence” a behemoth of a bird. Furthermore, an “Avatar Pack” and “The spooky bundle” is also available which will land you with all of the mentioned add-ons.

So, who doesn’t love some Zombies that return from the dead, because….after all, ……that’s what zombies do best, right? Oh, and points get doubled when you kill the original pig and then again once you kill its zombie reincarnation :) Check out their quick YouTube spot and for a little of the game play action itself, and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image