Samsung Galaxy Gear appears to be working with some devices besides Note 3


Everyone remembers that Samsung said the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would only work with the Note 3 when it released, right? Well, apparently that’s not 100% true. We’ve already seen it perform some basic functions with the S4, but according to some threads on XDA, it works with a few other devices as well, one of which is the not-Samsung HTC One.

One XDA member says that the Galaxy Gear is working with his HTC One running a custom ROM based, while another member running official 4.2.2 firmware says trying to sync the phone and smartwatch gives a “validation check failed” error. When it does work, however, just about all of the functions work correctly, excluding S Voice. It’s also reportedly working on a Galaxy S 4 Active.

There’s really no explanation for why this is working this way. If a device running Android 4.1 works, but not when it has 4.2, (even though another device with Android 4.2 syncs with the Gear just fine) there’s clearly no rhyme or reason to what’s going on. Maybe that’s Samsung’s definition of “unsupported” but hopefully we’ll hear something official from Samsung, too. If any of you have a Galaxy Gear, let us know if you can get it synced up with any device that isn’t a Galaxy Note 3.

source: XDA

via: SamMobile

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  • Maliceful

    Note 2 since launch no custom rom, limited function (s voice and weather update)

    • Maliceful

      With custom rom fully functional

  • Trent Preheim

    Could the Samsung gear works on the iPhone five with iOS 7 .0 .3

    • Scott

      Hey I have the galaxy gear synced with my iphone 5 with ios 7.0.3. The only features that work is the two way communication via bluetooth from the gear via the phone. An annoyance I found is that when the phone is synced with the gear, I can not silence the ringer on the gear if I get an incoming phone call. I plan to upgrade to a Galaxy Note 3 during Black Friday weekend if I can catch a deal. Once again I repeat the gear synced with the iphone only allows me to tell time, has a weather display, and use of the gear as a speakerphone.

      • Sourav

        how did you do it?
        My phone keeps telling me it cant. im on 7.04

  • Mark

    There is an app called “gear superfixer” in the play store, it makes the gear work with every phone brand