Samsung releases PEN.UP in the Play Store, allows Note II and Note 3 owners to share S Pen artwork


If you own a Galaxy Note II or about to buy a Galaxy Note 3, you might want to check out PEN.UP. This app is essentially a social network for S Pen creations. Categories range from animals to characters to food and more. Now you can not only share your works of art, you can check out what other Note owners are creating.

PEN.UP comes pre-installed on the Note 3, but if you have a Note II, you can download it now from the Play Store. Hit the break for screenshots and links.

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Play Store Download Link

  • jotanaves

    Im from Brazil, here is not disponible. You can leave apk direct ?

  • Andrew Tan

    Pre-install at Note 3? The Play Store edition cannot be install, but can install from Samsung Apps.

  • Jon moonbeamsyndicate

    SORRY! It’s just a link to the US Play store… (facepalm). Obviously I CHECKED it after posting…
    I give up.
    On Samsung.
    Selling my Note II… I don’t have samsung apps on my phone, and it’s not on Play store either now… NOT that I care much about pen.up. I’m MORE annoyed that Samsung SHOULD be working on getting 4.4 updates out IN GOOD TIME. My Note II will be lucky to get a 4.3 update this year- I REALLY don’t see KitKat arriving on it THIS YEAR… So I’m waiting to see what the Nexus 5 actually BRINGS…

  • Michael Porta

    Just another piece of junkware…and so much bloatware already. There should be an opt-out option for crap like this.

  • BobnWeave

    Gonna opt out of Samsung all together, bloatware galore, plus their attitude that your phone belongs to them just sucks. Might as well own an iPhone. Samsung has offended the Open Source community by eliminating the choice in how you use software on “their” phones. It was good while it lasted, like most things the power has gone to their heads……..
    Warning to anyone looking at Samsung phones, you are stuck with what they decide to give you, if you decide to change your software outside of what “Samsung’s limited choices are.”
    you will void your warranty. Ha! Since when did using software cause “Hardware Damage”? to a phone…….

    • Mike B

      Shut up and root.
      The hardware is fantastic.
      Once rooted you can add or delete what you want.