Android Air App Built and Published in 6 minutes!

Adobe Air and Flash - Android

It’s no surprise that developers and companies alike are going Android. We’ve seen the App Market grow very fast in a short time this year.

The Android Market may grow even faster with the easy to use Adobe Air runtime now available. Developers can now get a fully functional Android App packaged and published on the Android Market within 6 minutes!

Although the app shown in this video isn’t anything overly complicated, or useful for that matter, it does demonstrate ease of use.

Click here to watch the demonstration.

[via gotoAndLearn]

  • Javad


    I thought you might be interested in an Android AIR Bridge I have been working on. It allows you to create mixed Flex/AIR and Android applications with serialisation using AMF. I believe this should fully open up Android as a platform to Flex developers.

    It is available to check out from at google code from

    You can also view a demo on my blog at


  • Billy Grofery

    Amazingly intersting writing thanks for sharing the info.