Google Music app updated and brings forth some nice improvements


Google has updated their Google Music app and brings forth some great improvements for their All Access users. One of my main gripes about All Access was how ridiculously long it took for songs to be downloaded onto your device no matter what the connection speed was. Thankfully Google has fixed that and songs, even albums, are downloading at a much faster and more dependable rate.

Another problem a lot of people were having is that music streaming using All Access was taking up a lot of their bandwidth, and it looks like Google is trying to fix that problem as this update ensures less data usage. Along with this update are improvements to the search function and overall speed of the app.

How are you enjoying All Access? With the 30 day trial soon ending for the early adopters (such as myself), will you be continuing your subscription or will you be cancelling it and use something else like Spotify? Let me know in the comment section! Links to the app after the break!

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  • 0bsessions

    I’m leaning towards sticking with it. It’s basically the same thing as Spotify or Pandora, but I like being able to pare down to one app and I use Play Music anyway for my cloud based collection.

  • hobbes9

    I ended up dropping it more for the lack of variety in the Radio feature. Songs and artists were still repeating within an hour or so of starting a playlist even after a few weeks of frequent use. Pandora handles radio better right now and I still have about 6 months on that subscription so I’ll revisit All Access after that. I’m still using GMusic as my personal music player.


    I’m gonna keep it

  • john

    I am going to stick with it for the next three months. The recent update finally made it useable for me. I am starting to get the feel for it.

  • Mrstruegemini

    Idk about n e 1 else but since the last update google play has been running up my data usage so I un installed all updates and had to uncheck the auto update hope they fix that soon til then I have stopped using it

  • Dhruv Mittal

    While the Android experience is better on Google Music, Spotify still wins big time on the desktop. Additionally, Spotify’s killing GMusic All Access at music discovery.

  • Michael Pryor

    The mere fact that I am able to hear a song and having the ability to add it to my place list was the selling point for me

  • Brian

    Love it, I can use it in my classroom and at home. It works every where and I can listen to what I want. I am keeping it.

  • James

    Love it. Its a keeper

  • Erin O’Leary

    Definitely keeping. I even purchased an itour pop speaker so I could use as my main music player and gave my ipod speaker to my daughter.I haven’t used my ipod or pandora or my other internet radios since I stated using All Access